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Dr. Weidinger Kinga Budapesti ügyvéd

For corporate and private clients: real estate purchase agreement services with land registry administration. If you need corporate lawyer with proficiency in debt management and GDPR compliant bilingual contracts, do not hesitate to contact me.

Hungarian-English legal activity with remote client ID, with no personal presence, at short notice.

I look forward to answering all your questions and start you on your way to making a successful legal case in Hungary.

I provide online advice, at the time and day of your choosing, from anywhere in the world. If there is something you aren’t sure about your legal issue in Hungary, then book this service. You will receive a receipt with details on how to connect with me at the time of your booking. If you change your mind you can cancel online anytime before we start the consultation.

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Real estate and miscellaneous contract preparation and countersigning

e.g.: Contracts related to real estate (flat, family house, farmland) issues: sale and purchase (whether you are the buyer or the seller), gift of real estate within Hungary, maintaining contact with the parties and real estate agents, submitting the application for land registry

Healthcare law specialist

If you would like to expand any healthcare related services Hungary I look forward to answering all your questions and start you on your way to making a successful helath business in Hungary.

Legal due diligence

In case of business organizations, based on different criteria (e.g. before mergers and acquisition (M&A))

Representation before authorities

Legal representation in court (nationwide if required), company issues, proceedings before the tax authority, land registry, including for example: maintaining contact with local governments, management of authentication (Apostille) by diplomatic representation abroad and foreign ministry, trademark applications

Media law, advertising law, Internet law and Requesting media corrections (both online and offline media cases)

For articles published in printed newspapers or news portals: quick action to remove or modify the article. - Agency contracts, contracts for influencers (YouTuber, blogger, vlogger, etc.), review of the texts of promotions and advertisements from the legal aspect, making them compatible with the requirements of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH), providing advice on the taxation and reporting of prize competitions, preparing competition rules for prize draws and promotional games (Facebook, Instagram) - development of legal compliance of domain contracts and websites (cookie policy, webshop GTC, legal and privacy statement, guest book, etc.).

Data protection (GDPR) and Performing the position of data protection officer (DPO)

Preparing for data protection compliance, developing legal compliance of agreements and regulations in terms of e-commerce (e.g.: prize competitions, promotional games, eDM campaigns, newsletters, contact with NAIH (National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority), etc.), preparing privacy statements for websites. Providing advice on whether it is necessary to appoint a DPO, and if so, performing this task on the basis of a so-called service contract and liability insurance

Ad hoc/general legal representation of companies, provision of legal advice

Preparing and updating internal regulations, keeping contact with the works council/trade union, coordination of group and zone (EU) level legal matters in Budapest, implementing parent company guidelines, performing the preparation of collective redundancies, providing legal advice for organizations without a legal department (marketing and communication, invoicing, HR , procurement, trade, finance), amending collective agreements, initiating any necessary proceedings in case of abuse, preparing internal communications on legislation concerning employees, management of legal affairs of posted workers (and family members), managing signing rights, claims, insurances and records

Debt management

Fixed attorney’s fees for payment notice, liquidation, final accounting, (European) order for payment, executory, bankruptcy and litigation procedures

International inheritance cases

Are you living out of Hungary? If you need legal advice or representation in the whole hungarian inheritance procedure just make an appointment for consultation!

Point 10.6 of Regulation 6/2018 (III. 26.) of the Hungarian Bar Association on the ethics and conduct of the legal profession provides as follows: “No case managed or Client represented by a lawyer may be identified on the lawyer’s homepage.”

Under the provision above, I do not include any reference on this website; however, I have significant experience in carrying out the activities listed under the menu “Services”.

jogi ügyvéd bíróság
Dr. Weidinger Kinga Budapesti ügyvéd


  • Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law – Lawyer specialized in Health Care
  • DPO – Data Protection Officer
  • Bar exam
  • Harvard University, Harvard Law School – training in Contract Law
  • Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law – jurist

The website is maintained by Dr. WEIDINGER Kinga LL.M., attorney, registered at the Budapest Bar Association in accordance with the laws and internal bar association regulations applicable to attorneys, which are accessible at the website together with the information on clients' rights.

As an attorney of the Y generation, in addition to the “can-do” attitude, I consider it important that an attorney’s knowledge on law shall always serve the “course of business”, that is, the law shall always assist and support the processes – instead of acting as a necessary evil or a factor slowing down and hindering the processes. Flexible opening hours and online consultation, transparent and predictable attorney’s fees, the use of innovative tools and legal solutions, knowledge on basic applications in day-to-day legal work, as well as quick response, are qualities that are highly valued by my corporate Clients.


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My office is located in Budapest, at an easily accessible part of Buda, in District II, where I receive my Clients following prior arrangement; parking is provided in the underground garage.

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